BEV1 Group

BEV1 Group

Plant & Soil Science Group

Pursuing excellence in research and education.

Our research group was created in 2005, from the merging of two other groups to improve research on ecophysiology and agrobiology and to find better opportunities for human resources and funding. As a result, publications increased in the last years and training of graduate and PhD students has been highly improved.

We currently lead the Master in Terrestrial Ecosystems, Sustainable Use and Environmental Implications (ETUSIA), coordinated by Dr. Manuel J. Reigosa Roger. The corresponding doctorate program was given the excellence mention. Outstanding professors and researchers, coming from the Universities of Santiago, Granada, Autónoma de Barcelona, Coimbra, etc.; and several centres of the National Research Council (CSIC, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) are involved in this master.

Latest Publications

Pedrol, N., Puig, C.G., López-Nogueira, A., González, L., Souza-Alonso, P.
Optimal and synchronized germination of Robinia pseudoacacia, Acacia dealbata and other woody Fabaceae using a handheld rotary tool: concomitant reduction of physical and physiological seed dormancy
Journal of Forestry Research, 29(2): 283-290, 03/2018 | DOI

Santiago, R., López-Malvar, A., Souto, C., Barros-Ríos, J.
Methods for Determining Cell Wall-Bound Phenolics in Maize Stem Tissues
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 66: 1279-1284, 02/2018 | DOI

Arenas-Lago, D., Santos, E.S., Carvalho, L.C., Abreu, M.M., Andrade, M.L.
Cistus monspeliensis L. as a potential species for rehabilitation of soils with multielemental contamination under Mediterranean conditions
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, in press, 12/2017 | DOI