Plant & Soil Science



Research Areas.

This research group was created in 2005, from the merging of two other research groups. During these years, collaboration has been consolidated and research converged in innovative common lines.

Our group has a multidisciplinary character and researchers are involved in three main areas: Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry; Plant Physiology; and Plant Production.

We exploit the affinity and complementarity of these research areas, handling topics as diverse as soil adsorption; desorption; influence of heavy metals; pesticides; pollution; soil fertility; soil quality; sustainability; soil-plant interactions; allelopathy; interactions between plant species; bioherbicides search; plant protection; plant physiology and ecophysiology; plant production; effects of adverse conditions on photosynthesis; plant stress markers; phytoremediation; secondary metabolism; effect of secondary metabolites in different physiological traits; etc.

Diagram shows the scientific structure of the group. Find locations, research areas, coordinators, scientists and their interconnections.